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What You Should Know: Benefits of Enrolling Your Child in CBSE Board

Nov, 29 2021

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is one of the most sought-after education boards of India, which recognizes most of the popular schools in the country. CBSE focuses on the all-around development of children, which includes their personality and intellectual level. In addition to their academic level, the CBSE curriculum also looks after the cultural growth of students, so that they imbibe the tradition and integrity of our country.

There are many other boards in India like State boards, Central boards (CBSE), and the Indian Certificate for Secondary Education, however, the value-based education imparted by CBSE is acknowledged well by all prominent colleges of India. It is because of the in-depth education provided by CBSE schools, parents are inclined towards enrolling their kids in these schools.

Here we have listed some benefits as to why you should admit your child to CBSE:

Competitive Advantage in Entrance exams:

The primary focus of school education is to prepare kids for higher education and competitive exams. Most of the entrance tests and competitive exams in India are conducted following the pattern of the CBSE curriculum. Hence, CBSE students have a higher chance of succeeding in national-level competitive exams like NEET, JEE or AIEEE IIT-JEE, PMT, NDA, CDS, and other Defense and Civil Services.

International Recognition

CBSE curriculum is internationally recognized in 24 more countries like Singapore, UAE, Africa, and Russia including India. The well-researched curriculum is at par with international standards and the certificates are equally accredited throughout the world.

Formative and summative exams and assessments

CBSE curriculum aims to impart in-depth knowledge to its students, rather than the number-based curriculum of other boards. Hence in this board, there is no practice of conducting three major exams throughout the year. Rather the curriculum emphasizes the regular evaluation of the students so that their problems can be solved as soon as possible according to the CEE pattern that was introduced in 2009-10. Formative tests are conducted throughout the year in form of short tests, their academic performance, timely classwork and homework submission, timely completion of projects, and their active participation in various ECA activities. Summative Exams are the ones that are conducted at the end of the session to make a complete evaluation of what the children have learned.

Structured and flexible Curriculum

Unlike other academic boards that have only English as the medium of instruction, CBSE uses both English and Hindi as their medium of instruction. Students are flexible to choose their mode of instruction. The syllabus is at par with the international level having all the subjects that are essential for the comprehensive academic growth of the students. In addition, the syllabus is comprised of interactive and fun exercises that make learning easy and fun.

Ease to relocate

Another benefit of the CBSE curriculum is that its ease of relocation. Parents who have transferable jobs find it difficult to find schools for their kids midsession, with CBSE transferring kinds mid-session becomes easier as all CBSE schools have a uniform syllabus and exam structure everywhere, so it does not matter if your kid is joining any time of the year, he or she can easily cope with the syllabus.

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